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  • gateway to NSW biodiversity information
Central Netted Dragon, Ctenophorus nuchalis © Philip Gleeson

NSW BioNet is the repository for biodiversity data products managed by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. 

BioNet aims to improve biodiversity outcomes by enabling the community and government to proactively manage and enhance biodiversity in NSW through comprehensive, credible and robust information. 

Getting started 

BioNet is made up of a number of data collections. Refer to the links under 'Data collections' for more information. These collections are mostly contained within two core applications; BioNet Atlas and BioNet Vegetation Classification

In addition to these applications, biodiversity information can also be accessed via:

You can submit your own sightings records to BioNet Atlas. Learn more about contributing.

How to access BioNet Atlas

The BioNet Atlas application contains the following data collections:

  • Species Sightings
  • Systematic Surveys
  • Threatened Biodiversity
  • Species Names.

Public access

Public users, please click on the relevant link below to search the BioNet Atlas and interrogate the Systematic flora survey data collection:

Login access

Department of Planning, Industry and Environment staff, licensed users and registered users:  

New users can either:

  • apply for Registered user access, which will provide you with access to additional system functionality, including ability to upload spreadsheets of species sightings and systematic survey data, or to use the data analysis function in the Systematic Flora survey data module
  • apply for a Sensitive Species Data Licenceexternal link, which will also provide you with access to more detailed location information about sensitive threatened species than is available on this public site (conditions apply). BioNet Atlas data is made available according to the Office of Environment and Heritage's sensitive species data policyexternal link

How to access BioNet Vegetation Classification

Login assistance

The system came back online on 25th July 2019. For your first login after this date, you will be required to reset your password using the 'Forgot password' process, that you can access via the 'Registration and Login' button below. You will then receive an email containing a temporary system-generated password. The first time you log in, you will need to update your password using the 'Manage Registration' tab. Please pay particular attention to the password requirements.

Whenever you log in to BioNet Vegetation Classification, use your email address as your 'Login Id'. Either type in your Login Id and Password, or use copy and 'paste as plain text'. If you just use 'paste', the login will fail.

The reCAPTCHA function works in a randomised fashion and may not require image verification each time.

Note, your BioNet Vegetation Classification login details are not the same as those for BioNet Atlas.

The BioNet Vegetation Classification application contains the following data collections:

  • Vegetation Classification, comprising
    - Plant Community Type (PCT) Classification
    - Vegetation Classes and Formations
    - PCT Clearing data
    - PCT-Threatened Biodiversity associations
    - Vegetation Condition Benchmarks
  • NSW Landscapes.

Anyone can register online as a public user, which will allow them to search the database, produce reports and export data. 


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Page last updated: 18 December 2019