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BioNet Outage Notice

Due to enhancements to BioNet-Atlas and BioNet-VIS Classification systems, the BioNet website and systems will be unavailable from 3 pm Tuesday 29 November 2016 until 7 pm on Tuesday 29 November 2016. During this time you may be unable to log in and access the systems, experience issues conducting searches, downloading data or accessing threatened species information. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

 the website for the Atlas of NSW Wildlife

a whole-of-government system for flora and fauna sightings information

Central Netted Dragon, Ctenophorus nuchalis © Philip Gleeson

BioNet is a portal for accessing government-held information about plants and animals in NSW. It is supported by several NSW government agencies, including:

  • Office of Environment and Heritage
    • National Parks and Wildlife
    • Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust
  • Department of Primary Industries
    • Forests NSW
  • Australian Museum

  Via BioNet, you can:

Records in the Atlas come from a variety of sources, including from members of the public and scientific surveys. An Atlas search will retrieve species records from across the entire Atlas database, including records held in the fauna and VIS flora survey modules.

Login access

OEH staff, licensed users and registered users: Login here

Non-OEH staff and new users can apply for a login to the Atlas system. This will provide you with:

  • access to additional system functionality (e.g. in order to upload spreadsheets of species sightings, or to use the data analysis function in VIS Flora survey); or
  • access to more detailed location information about sensitive threatened species than is available on this public site (conditions apply). Atlas data is made available according to the Office of Environment and Heritage's sensitive species data policy.

Public Access

Public users, please click on the relevant link below to search the Atlas, interrogate the VIS Flora survey module or consult the VIS user manual:

Quick Guides, Manuals, and Datasheets

BioNet Quick Guides, Manuals, and Datasheets are available online.

Page last updated: 24 November 2016