NSW BioNet quick guides, manuals, and datasheets

BioNet includes a number of data collections contained in the BioNet Atlas and BioNet Vegetation Classification applications. Details on the naming structure for the BioNet data collections listed below, can be found in the BioNet naming protocol document (PDF 551KB).

For an overview of the BioNet Atlas application and relationship to the Vegetation Classification application, please refer to the quick guide Overview of BioNet Atlas application (PDF 162KB). 

BioNet Species Sightings


The AtlasDatasheet.xls (XLS 3.5MB) is for uploading flora and fauna sightings, including scientific licence data, into BioNet Atlas.

BioNet Species Names

BioNet Threatened Biodiversity Profiles

BioNet Systematic Flora Survey

BioNet Systematic Fauna Survey


The FaunaSurveyDatasheet_600.xls (XLS 2.9MB) is for uploading systematic fauna survey data into BioNet Atlas


BioNet Vegetation Classification

BioNet Vegetation Maps

BioNet Web Services

Page last updated: 11 July 2018